Sober Living in NYC Sober Living Homes

My last relapse was my longest, after my most prolonged period of sobriety, and the lesson was that I need to smoke weed to “stay stopped” from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. If someone is taking a drug for a medical reason and it has side effects, it does not mean that they are abusing … Read more

A Clean and Sober Place to Live: Philosophy, Structure, and Purported Therapeutic Factors in Sober Living Houses PMC

Most alco­holic bev­er­ages are high in calo­ries and many are also mixed with juice or oth­er liq­uids that are loaded with sug­ar. Over time, drink­ing alco­hol can cause you to gain weight because your body process­es the alco­hol before oth­er nutri­ents. The unused nutri­ents, such as sug­ar, are con­vert­ed to fat and stored in your … Read more